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Mercury Glass Platform Vase

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A mercury glass platform vase with an indented rim and crackled bottom.

SKUs PR1715, PR5875, PR5876, PR5877, PR5878, PR5879, PR5880, PR5881, PR5882, PR5883, PR5884, PR5885, PR5886, PR5887, PR5888, PR5889, PR5890, PR5891, PR5892, PR5893, PR5894, PR5895, PR5896, PR5897, PR5898, PR5899, PR5900, PR5901, PR5902, PR5903, PR5904, PR5905, PR5906, PR5907, PR5908, PR5909, PR5910, PR5911, PR5912, PR8828

Dimensions 4.5" w × 8.25" h

Quantity 40

Condition Good

or call (818) 980-4371


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