Plastic Pot A
Plastic Pot A

Plastic Pot A

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A plastic planting pot. This item can be customized to fit your aesthetic needs.

SKUs PR1999, PR6958, PR6959, PR6960, PR6961, PR6962, PR6963, PR6964, PR6965, PR6966, PR6967, PR6968, PR6969, PR6970, PR6971, PR6972, PR6973, PR6974, PR6975, PR6976, PR6977, PR6978, PR6979, PR6980, PR6981, PR6982, PR6983, PR6984, PR6985, PR6986, PR6987, PR6988, PR6989, PR6990, PR6991

Dimensions 6.5" w × 5.75" h

Quantity 35

Condition Good

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